Are birds becoming a problem for your property? 

Lambeth Gold Commercial Services offer an efficient bird control service for clients throughout the local area.

It’s common for birds, particularly pigeons, seagulls and crows to become an issue for both businesses and homeowners. So, why use our bird control and proofing services for your building in Lambeth?

Improve levels of hygiene in and around your business.

Pigeons might not be an aggressive bird but they are one of the least hygienic. Feral pigeons can spread diseases and since they’re attracted to urban areas, like Lambeth, can become a huge problem. Having adapted to city life with astonishing skill, they’ve managed to not only live but thrive in this environment. 

Make sure your customers don’t feel threatened.

Meanwhile seagulls can be extremely aggressive. As with pigeons, their droppings also have an acidic effect.

Last but not least, crows have a habit of building nests on our roofs and can even recognise human faces. Known for their intelligence and adaptability, they are loathed by farmers because they tend to damage crops. 

Our bird control and proofing services in Lambeth are particularly ideal if you’re having problems with pigeons. Solutions that we offer include wire, spikes, and netting and mesh, all of which meet the latest legislation. 

Find out more about our bird control and proofing services or contact our team today.