Living or working in a pest-infected building is highly stressful. Whether you’re struggling with bed bugs, mice or rats, it can also put your health at risk, leading to issues like contamination and the spread of disease. 

When it comes to commercial buildings, it can lead to your premises failing health and safety inspections and over time lead to it having to close, so it’s crucial not to ignore the problem and let it escalate. 

Lambeth Gold Commercial Services deliver an efficient pest control service for customers throughout the local area. We can both identify and eliminate pests from your premises. 

Types of commercial buildings we cover include restaurants, schools, landlord’s properties, care homes, and offices and warehouses. We also deliver pest control services for domestic homes throughout Lambeth and the surrounding locations. 

When it comes to restaurants, we appreciate how crucial it is to remove pests as quickly as possible. Perhaps no other business, other than the medical sector, needs their hygiene levels to be higher.

We use what’s known as the E.P.M model (Eradication, Prevention and Maintenance) to get rid of pests for good. All our pest removal services are delivered by BCPA accredited, qualified pest control technicians who have been DBS checked.

If you’re looking for commercial pest control services in Lambeth, simply contact our friendly team for more information.