Identifying Mice

  • up to 10cm long
  • brown-grey fur on their back and lighter grey fur underneath
  • large ears
  • thin tails as long as their heads and bodies
  • smaller than rats
  • usually found inside
  • have droppings the size of a grain of rice

Treatments for mice

  • 2 visits, 7 to 14 days apart
  • placing bait in marked boxes in the kitchen, under stairs and other affected areas
  • an advice sheet with information about the bait used, where it was placed and any special precautions
  • measures to protect children and pets
  • for more serious infestations, a third visit may be required for an additional charge (see price list)
Please ensure an adult is present at all times during the treatment. 


Preventing mice infestation

Protect your property against mice by:

  • closing any obvious holes inside like gaps in skirting boards, or outside walls
  • removing external sources of food such as fallen apples, pears, bird food, water
  • clearing shelter or nesting material such as old furnishings, wood, and overgrowth
  • putting all refuse in your wheelie bin and always close the lid
  • dead mice can be put in a plastic bag and then in the bin