Parks and green spaces

Apply to display a banner

You may wish to advertise your local business or community event on property owned by the council, such as park railings. 

We welcome applications from all sectors including business, charities, community, schools and other similar that are based within Lambeth, to display notices of public interest or events. Promotion of these events and activities should be appropriate to the surrounding area, with minimal environmental impact.

You must get permission from us before you place a banner on council-owned property in Lambeth and you may need planning permission, depending on the nature of your banner.

For more information on planning guidance for temporary advertising, here is the current government ‘Guide for Advertisers‘. 

Advertising in Lambeth Parks and Green Spaces
  • Banners should represent or promote local events, activities, or services.
  • Banners are not to be used to promote political candidates, parties, or issues and permission for such banners will not be granted.
  • All banner designs should be represent the subject/purpose of the community event or organisation. Banners can include text for dates, activities, logos, and/or title of event.
  • All banners must be professionally manufactured to ensure that only quality, well-made banners are displayed within the borough of Lambeth.
  • No electrical supply or illumination will be considered in connection with banners.
  • Banners should not obscure the visibility of highway users on or near a junction.
  • Banners should not obstruct any traffic signs or road markings.
  • Banners will not be permitted in a conservation area except with the prior consent of the Local Planning Authority.
  • Be no larger than 2.5m X 1m wide and 1m high.
  • Eyelets are required on the top and bottom hems. They must be at least 2.5cm from the edge of the banner, to the centre of the eyelet. We advise that these should be no less than 1m apart. Eyelets are not required on the side hems.
  • The banner should be produced to a professional standard and designed and displayed to minimise distraction to pedestrians and road users.
  • Adequately sealed seams top and bottom are essential to create sleeves for the rope to thread through.
  • Have rope bonded into the sleeves which is 10mm diameter – leaving 1m of free attachment report at each end of the banner.
  • Be adequately vented top and bottom.
  • The banner will contain no language or information that is defamatory, offensive, misleading or detrimental to public order and safety.


Failure to meet these standards may result in the application being rejected and/or the removal of the banner.

A banner licence application costs £31.50 and grants you/your organisation permission to erect a banner on highway assets or property owned by the Council. The application will only be processed with the payment of the fee and this fee is non-refundable, even if the application is rejected.

The licence fee covers a maximum period of 6 weeks.  Should you wish to have a  banner for longer than this, you will need to apply for an additional licence.  The fee for subsequent licences is the same.

We also offer a design, printing, installation and removal service for which fees are determined on request, depending on the type of banner and your design requirements.  Please contact us to find out more.

Banner sites can be booked up to one year prior to the event date. Please submit your application no later than 6 weeks before the date of the proposed installation. The sites are only available for booking at a minimum of 1 week period, up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Some sites have a high demand, and we process applications on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please read the Lambeth Guidance Banner Policy before you apply.

To apply for a banner to be placed, please complete the application form 

For more information Contact Us

Please call 020 7926 2122 to make payment by either credit or debit card only.

There may be circumstances in which we might be unable to approve your application. If this is the case, we will let you know the reasons why.

If the site is unavailable for the dates you have requested, we will work with you to find an alternative.

As part of a routine inspection or following a complaint, we may remove banners that have been illegally placed or are unsafe. The cost of recovering a banner that has been placed illegally is £150.

If your banner has been removed, it will be kept for 3 months and you will need to email to make arrangements for collection. If it has not been collected after 3 months, it will be recycled.