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Special offers

Special offers and savings on waste collection

Package prices to make your money go further

Many businesses in Lambeth buy a variety of services from us and we want to ensure that the more you buy, the better value you receive.

Existing customers deserve more

Already a commercial waste customer? Call us to get up to 10% off your pest control contract. If you are an existing customer for any of our services then get in touch to find out how we get you best value off an additional service.

Special offers and savings on waste collection

Offer for businesses

  • Low-cost rates on recycling – we’ll work out a bespoke price which balances the cost of your general waste with recycling for a great all-round price and help you meet your own recycling targets.
  • Up to 10% off pest control and graffiti removal (shop fronts) for our commerical waste customers.
  • All Lambeth Gold customers can benefit from concessionary rates on vehicle advertising (coming soon…)

Offer for Schools

Specially discounted rates for schools on Pest Control and Commercial Waste with the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to flex your contract between term time-only or full year provision
  • Bulky waste collections – up to 3 items collected for free at the end of each term
  • FREE fully funded curriculum linked workshops, assemblies & waste audits in your school.
  • School field trips to our recycling processing plant to help students see what happens to their recycling
  • Multiple school discount – if you have affiliated schools or nurseries, you can both benefit from an extra 5% off your annual contract price.
  • 10% discount on Lambeth Gold pest control services.