Identifying cockroaches

Lambeth is commonly affected by Oriental or German cockroaches which are:

  • 10-25 mm long
  • light, dark brown or black

Treatments for cockroaches

  • two visits, two weeks apart,
    placing gel bait under sink cabinets, around door hinges and other affected areas
  • a spray for intensive infested areas
  • an advice sheet with information about the bait used, where it was placed, and any special precautions needed
  • measures to protect children and pets
  • for more serious infestations, a third visit may be required for an additional charge (see price list)


Please ensure an adult is present at all times during the treatment. 

Preventing cockroach infestation

You can prevent cockroaches from entering your property by:

  • filling any obvious cracks and gaps
  • reducing clutter
  • cleaning pet droppings with detergents and disinfectant
  • putting dead cockroaches in a plastic bag and in an outside bin
  • cleaning up all food debris from floors, tables, cupboards, and drawers