Identifying Rats

  • generally slender with pointed head, large eyes and long tails
  • significantly larger than mice
  • usually live outside
  • have kidney bean size droppings

Treatments for rats

  • up to three visits, two weeks apart
  • laying baits along any rats runs and in the drainage system (if required)
  • information on the bait we have used, where they are, and if you need to take any special precautions
  • taking measures to protect children and pets
  • for more serious infestations, a third visit may be required for an additional charge (see price list)


Please ensure an adult is present at all times during treatment. 

Preventing rat infestations

To prevent rats from entering your home, you must:

  • fix any holes in your home
  • remove external sources of food such as fallen apples, pears, bird food or even water
  • clear old furnishings, wood and overgrowth
  • keep all refuse in your ‘wheelie’ bin and always close the lid
  • keep compost in a bin

Noises from the loft are often caused by squirrels or birds, rather than rats or mice.